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Charging and Remissions

Charging and Remissions

The school follows Flintshire Local Authority's charging policy document in relation to remissions, optional extras and activities organised by a third party. Charges made will be in accordance with those permissible under the Education Act 1996 and associated Statutory Instruments.

Voluntary contributions may be requested by the Governing Body to cover the costs of any visit/ activity to enhance the school curriculum. In practical subjects or project work a charge for materials or ingredients may be requested. A full copy of the Charging and Remissions Policy is available from the school office.

Complaints Procedures

Occasionally there may be a misunderstanding or an issue that you are unhappy about. It is important that any issues are shared with the school as early as possible and are dealt with quickly and positively.

Any concerns expressed by parents and others will be considered and as far as possible, dealt with through informal discussion with teachers and the headteacher. In the event of the complaint remaining unresolved, a formal complaint can be made to the Governing Body. If deliberations fail to provide a satisfactory outcome, the issue will then be referred to the Local Education Authority.

A full copy of the School's Complaints Policy is available from the school office.

Equal Opportunities

Ysgol Maes Hyfryd seeks to create an ethos which values every person as an individual and staff are committed to developing a culture of respect and dignity while challenging discrimination of gender, ethnic origin, social class, religion or disability. YMH aims to:

  • Create a positive inclusive ethos, based on respect for diversity and difference
  • To enhance self-esteem
  • To support staff and pupils to challenge discrimination

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