• To provide a holistic range of literacy opportunities across the six areas of learning as outlined in the Donaldson report
  • To encourage an enjoyment of language and literacy based activities through the delivery of cohesive expereinces across the curriculum 
  • To develop communication skills through a variety of methods including speech, Makaton signs, Picture Exchange Communictaion (PECs), Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic display (PODD) books, communication aides, objects of reference and signifiers
  • To develop the regonition and comprehension development of pictures, symbols and / or the written word
  • To develop recording using pictures, symbols, drawing, writing and ICT
  • To develop the use of digital literacy and competence
  • To encourage the tranference of literacy skills across curriculum areas and into everyday life 

Fresh Start Reading Scheme 

  •  Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is a phonics intervention that assists older students with reading, writing, comprehension and spelling skills, aged 11 and above, who are finding literacy difficult and are presently working below expected standards. The scheme, which is used at YMH as an intervention strategy, aims to:
  • Improve students reading and writing, increasing understanding & fluency
  • Use rigorous assessment so every child is taught at the right level
  • Engage older students with age-appropriate comic strips, quizzes, humour and edgy non-fiction texts
  • Ensure all students maximize their potential
  • Be an effective use of the Student Deprivation Grant funding
  • Students who need intervention will receive 1:1 support and timetabled on a daily basis.

Find more information here:

Project X Reading Scheme 

  • Project X Origins is a guided reading programme, recognised as an effective approach to teaching reading and writing, that has recently been voted as the winner of the ERA Educational Book Award too! The scheme which has been adopted throughout school provides:
  • A 3D illustrated character adventure that interests and motivates students
  • And addresses key issues across the whole school, including phonics, comprehension, developing talk, raising boys' achievement, early intervention and writing
  • Engaging software for use with the whole class and groups
  • Correlation to all UK curricula with in-built assessment using the Oxford Ros Wilson Reading Criterion Scale
  • Comprehensive Guided Reading Notes for every book covering phonics skills, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing for use by professionals and parents
  • An intervention aspect of the scheme named Project X code, which can be used for students needing consolidation at any particular level

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