• To provide the full range of mathematical experiences as described in the National Curriculum for Wales (2016).
  • Promote numeracy as a purposeful and enjoyable lifelong learning experience in line with the areas of learning and experiences identified in the Donaldson report (2015)
  • To encourage skills in mathematical problems, mathematical communication and reasoning using resources to support pupils learning needs.
  • To develop the use of digital literacy and competence
  • To encourage the transfer and generalisation of numeracy skills across the curriculum and into everyday life using the literacy and numeracy framework (LNF).

Teaching and Learning

At Ysgol Maes Hyfryd mathematics is taught as a discrete subject as well as mathematical opportunities being highlighted in all other subjects as a cross curricular skill. Students are taught specific mathematical skills as well as being encouraged to use their skills to solve problems and reason and communicate their thought processes mathematically. Numeracy opportunities are highlighted in all areas of the curriculum, allowing students to transfer and generalise skills taught in specific mathematics lessons.


Sensory department

Most pupils within the sensory department access a pre formal / semi formal curriculum where numeracy is delivered as part of the “My Thinking” sessions

KS3 / KS4

Each area of mathematics as set out in National Curriculum for Wales documentation 2016 for key stage 2- 4. These areas are:-

  • Developing numerical reasoning
  • Using number skills
  • Using measuring skills
  • Using geometry skills
  • Using algebra skills
  • Using data skills


Key stage 5

At key stage 5 students are encouraged to use their mathematical skills in real life situations and work experience placements. Accreditation which also looks to develop life skills also support the generalisation of practical maths skills across the curriculum, while building upon the six key areas as part of discreet lessons.



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