L1 Weekly News


L1 Weekly News


In the morning we sat in circle time and spoke about what we had all done over the Half Term Holiday, everyone has had a lovely time and we are all refreshed from our break.  In Maths worked on our numbers completing a worksheet.  In English lovely St. David’s Day craftwork for our assembly.  In Re learning about Shrove Tuesday and what it means.  In the afternoon in Technology carried on with crafting.


In the morning we had our St. David’s Day Service, pupils joined in the celebration also parents and guardians were invited, for those who came I hope you had a really good time.  In English for world book day we have started listening to The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.  In Art with Mr Fitz carried on with animation pupils are amazing.  In Culture we made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday they looked and tasted delicious.


What a fantastic day we all had today, a lovely trip to Liverpool to listen to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Concert the theme was All Our Different Voices, it was an absolute amazing day, staff and pupils had a really great time, joining in with the songs that we had learned over the last few weeks.  We had lunch at the Pavillion in Flint  pupils were really well behaved and had a lovely time.  When we arrived back at school we had a bit of choose time before the taxis arrived to take pupils home.


In the morning it was World Book Day today, pupils came into school dressed in their favourite book character, if they wished to do so.  Maths on the whiteboard eggs to order, then completing a missing number worksheet.  Before break we listened to a bit more of Roald Dahl’s Magic Finger, a really good book.  After lunch we sat and watched Matilda for World Book Day.


In the morning we finished Roald Dahl The Magic Finger.  In double Science we were learning about Transparent, Translucent and Opaque completing a worksheet.  After lunch it was whole school assembly today.




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