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In the morning sat in circle time and spoke about our lovely weekend.  A big congratulations to Team Seren our Cheerleading  Team who came first in competition on Sunday.  In Maths learning all about measuring and measuring how tall we are working in pairs.  In English Chapter 3 of Charlotte’s Web completing a lovely worksheet.  In Re learning about different religions.  After lunch a lovely afternoon swimming, pupils were amazing.


In the morning in English reading our Project X Code reading books, and stile tiles.  In Maths carried on with worksheets about measuring.  After lunch Art with Miss Fairclough using chalk and working in pairs drawing round our bodies for portraits.  In Culture carried on with our beach theme.


In the morning excited pupils for those who were going to Kingswood.  In English a chapter from Charlotte’s web completing worksheets.  In Culture carrying on with learning about the seaside and the beach.  After lunch for those who were going to Kingswood they went to Flint Pavillion for lunch and then a game of bowling, before heading off for a fantastic time at Kingswood.  A lovely treat this afternoon M & M Theatre Company came in and performed Jungle Book in the hall, it was absolutely fantastic.


In the morning in Maths measuring completing worksheets.  In Humanities carried on with Native Americans colouring in Indian heads for our display board in class, they look amazing.  After lunch Pse with Miss Fairclough describing ourselves and each other.  In Ict with Mr Morgan had a great time using green screen with different backgrounds.


In the morning kicks for kids came in and we did games in the hall.  After break we made a lovely thank you card for the theatre company.  After lunch time it was S2’s assembly todayabout Europe Day.  Working on our Iep’s in class then choose time.


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