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 In the morning circle time spoke about our lovely weekends, what we had all been doing.  English out and about on the white board.  Choir and cheer leading practise ready for Flint’s Got Talent which is happening on Monday 8th July.  After lunch onto the bus for our swimming session at Flint Pavilion Leisure Centre, pupils are amazing. And we have got some really good swimmers.


In the morning English reading our Project X reading books and stile tiles.  A lovely trip to the library today to change and replace our library books.  After lunch Art  learning and painting in the style of Paul Klee, using water colours to paint a cat.  In Culture all about the seaside.


English chapter 15 The Crickets from Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte the spider is getting ready to lay her eggs, we all went outside to the playground looking along the fences for webs and egg sacks there was quite a few, pupils enjoyed looking.  In Maths a game of dominos girls were really fab.  After lunch we had a double lesson of Pe, outside on the basketball court over at Flint High School, split into groups doing different activities with leaders.


A lovely treat today we went to Ysgol Y GoGarth in Llandudno for a day of activities, for outside partnership. wall climbing, swing, bike riding and rowing machines.  Pupils were amazing we all had a really good time it was a fantastic day.


In the morning kicks for kids came in we had a good time on the field playing football rounders, Project Code The Bite Below, completing worksheets.  After break Science all about bones in the human body.  After lunch  S2’s Assembly about Maes Hyfryd Festival.  Back to class to work on our Iep’s .  Choose time in class.


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