L1 Weekly News

L1 Weekly News



In the morning we sat in circle time and spoke about all the lovely things we had done over the weekend.  In Maths we practised our numbers with Eggs to order on the whiteboard.  In English a chapter from the BFG all about his ears today, we made some lovely BFG ears.  In the afternoon we carried on with English.


In the morning we sat and read our Project X reading books and stile tiles.  In Maths carried on working on our numbers completing a worksheet.  In English BFG  completing a worksheet.  In the afternoon we had Communication with Miss Fairclough we played games in groups.  In Culture carried on looking at entertainment.


In the morning English chapter 6 of the BFG Snozzcumbers, pupils are really enjoying listening to this book.  We also worked in groups making snozzcumbers out of balloons and papier mache they are looking really good.  After lunch double lesson of PE we went over to Flint High School, to play kinball, rugby and basketball.  We then came back to use the outside gym which pupils really enjoy.


In the morning eggs to order on the whiteboard.  Humanities double lesson we were learning about amazing facts all about Japan, we also looked at different Japanese symbols and what they mean, we drew our favourite symbol and explained why we liked it.  After lunch we went over to Flint High School  we made rocky road, they look delicious hope you enjoy them with a brew.  In Ict with Mr Morgan we carried on with our animal power points they are looking really good.


In the morning we played a listening game following instructions to complete our worksheet.  Pupils did really good listening.   We had a lovely trip out this morning to the River dee Centre cafe supporting MacMillan coffee morning.  After lunch we had S3 Assembly all about Harvest.  Choir practise in the hall for those who take part.  Back to class where we started painting the snozzcumbers that we made they look really good.  L3 had a tuck shop we all went and bought some sweets.  In class to do our space theme painting.


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